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Dive sites

A real aquarium

Depth: 6-20m | From beginner to all levels

Two minutes by boat, you are above lava flows completely colonized by corals.

Its architecture, original for the small canyons with white sand rivers and the pretty natural circus which rest there, is ideal for baptisms, beginners or even photographers for the abundance of surrounding life and the shallow depth.

The spot is like a real open-air aquarium for the density and diversity of fish.

To see on the spot:
✓ turtles
✓ a rich macrofauna
✓ a large mix of coral fish

Hermitage pass 
Diving spot located in front of one of the most beautiful beaches on the island

Depth: 6-25m | From beginner to all levels

The spot is located in the Ermitage beach pass. 

Formed by the action of the ravine which has "dug" the coral reef in its extension, the Ermitage pass is a place of exchange between the lagoon and the open sea, rich in plankton and nutrients.

If the visibility is sometimes uncertain, in addition to the richness of the corals, the food chain is abundant there and the spot remains a must for diving in Reunion.


To see on the spot:
✓ turtles
✓ eagle rays in open water or on coral formations
✓ a large mix of coral fish